Toktam Ghorbani

International Technical and Legal Manager

Legal consultants, also called legal advisors, provide legal guidance to clients and businesses. These professionals often have the same training as lawyers, except legal consultants generally only provide advice outside of the courtroom







  • Master of Business Management (Marketing Tendency)
  • Sama Girls High School Teacher
  • Foreign Trading of Industrial Coal of Khorasan
  • Staff Brands

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  • Seven ICDL Skills
  • Familiarity with SPSS and LISREL software
  • High public relations and strong working group interest
  • Interested in computers and familiar with the Internet and virtual space and social networks?
  • Advanced English translation of specialized English texts
  • Mobile Number: +98 937 315 6070
  • Email: ghorbani@pellekan.co
  • Internal: 411
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