Zahra Nazeri

Human Resources Specialist(HR)

A HR Director is someone with expertise in one field of HR







  • MS.c of Psychology
  • BS.c of Psychology
  • Human Resource Director at Pellekan Intellectual Property Institute Since 2019
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  • SPSS statistical software mastery
  • PMPQ and PAQ mastery of executing and interpreting job analysis questionnaires
  • Familiarity with HRM processes (HRM process management, payroll system design, staff training, employee motivation retention, planning for employee performance evaluation, and ensuring the performance evaluation system is in place)
  • Ability to hold workshops in industrial psychology with job stress and burnout
  • Understanding the overall structure of the research article and understanding the types of articles
  • Introduction to thesis writing and writing
  • Phone Number : +98 513 767 9797
  • Email : pellekan.hr@gmail.com
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