Company registration

Company registration

In terms of the literal meaning, the company means to be a partner and accomplice in something. From the point of view and legal concept, the meaning of a company can be defined as the agreement and community of persons (2 or more people) formed as partners for formal economic cooperation, which together form a group with personality. According to established laws, any economic activity is carried out as a partnership requires the registration of a legal entity. This partnership leads to a type of cooperation and contractual partnership between people according to the amount of each of them’s contribution. In the end, according to the share and investment percentage, the profit from the investment is divided between them. Required documents and how to register a company are different in different countries.

The following types of companies can be mentioned:

  1. Limited liability company
  2. Private joint stock company
  3. Cooperative Company
  4. Partnership company
  5. Relative company and…

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