Education Department

The slogan of the education unit: Education; Permanence password of organizations 

Introduction to the educational unit of Pellekan:

Training in Pellkan Institute was one of the first measures and programs of the institute after its establishment, and after 2019, the Academy of the Education Unit was formed, professionally and with the aim of developing and training the culture of intellectual property among knowledge-based companies and business owners  started to operate.

This unit serves as the trustee of short-term training courses and provides educational services to applicants interested in the field of intellectual property.

Due to the feedback that is always seen in all operational areas, including training courses, teachers, etc., we can expect continuous improvement in the provision of educational services.

Training methods:

The Education Department of Pellekan International Institute and Knowledge Base plans and implements training courses in the field of intellectual property and export management in the best possible way, due to the existence of experienced training staff as follows:

  • Conducting educational needs assessment of companies and business owners
  • Planning and coordinating the implementation of pre-service and in-service training courses for employees to increase their level of knowledge, insight, and skills.
  • Planning and monitoring the educational needs assessment and determining the required training courses according to the organizational, occupational and individual analysis of each organization.
  • Planning, monitoring, and implementing the educational calendar of organizations
  • Identifying, evaluating, and monitoring the performance of teachers and professors of educational courses
  • Short-term training course for an intellectual property specialist

Types of educational services:

Educational calendar for knowledge-based companies and business owners:

(Education Unit compiles training courses for each season of the year, which after coordinating with the Presidential Innovation and Prosperity Fund, organizes this course in the form of an educational calendar)

Custom training courses:

(After coordinating with the applicant organization, he plans and implements the training course in the best way, and at the end of each training course, the evaluation of the course is done, and based on the evaluation, he delivers the output of the training course to the applicant organization.)

Training bootcamps:

(holding educational workshops in person and operationally)

Special training courses for medium and large manufacturing and industrial companies:

(Planning and implementation of training courses according to the needs assessment of manufacturing and industrial companies)