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Basically, every industry is based on the four pillars of human power, facilities, information, and management, among which skilled and efficient human power is considered the most important factor and capital in order to achieve growth and prosperity. The importance of this issue is so great that in the advanced industrial countries of the world, employing expert human resources as the main pillar to achieve industrial excellence and competitive advantage, both in terms of quality and providing products and services, and in terms of maintaining and exploiting facilities and equipment, as well as in terms of the cost of goods and services. In these societies, in order to achieve the goal of manpower reaching the level of expertise, skill, and efficiency appropriate for each job, applied education is stated as the best and most economical lever, and the belief in this issue and the action based on it are increasing day by day, and It becomes firmer and stronger.

The Department of Education was established among the first measures and programs of the institution according to the 20-year vision of the institution to become one of the 5 leading brands in the field of intellectual property at the international level. Accordingly, providing the required educational services based on It has put the latest standards and norms of the educational day on the agenda and is determined to provide the results of several years of experience of Pelkan Institute in the form of short-term training courses to the industrial community of the country.

Department of Education, by using the space and standard educational tools, the possibility of holding training courses in the real environment of industrial production lines, having new educational methods, and using effectiveness indicators according to the realities of the country’s industry, are among the competitive advantages.

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