Industrial Design

The visual features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornament or any combination of these are categorized under industrial design.


In today’s knowledge-based economy, it is crucial that you use your intellectual assets strategically as you run a business. If your trademark (brand) is officially protected, it gives your business competitive advantages over other players in the market.


Patent is a government authority or license conferring exclusive rights to the owner. Patents apply to newly developed technology as well as to improvements on products or processes.

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Pellekan threw a friendly social party with its loyal clients to discuss and review mutual goals and business relationships while enjoying supper.

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Pellekan Intellectual Property & Technology Institute is a leading Iranian law firm well- established with competent, highly experienced and knowledgeable attorneys. Our expertise as well as exploiting law-abiding interactions enable us to identify intellectual assets of businesses and then protect them by registering and monitoring in national, regional and international jurisdictions. It is the high performance of our services that leads to incredibly loyal clients.

Pellekan Team

Pellekan Intellectual property & Technology institute is a leading law firm in the country which has been increasingly growing and broadening its services in diverse areas of IP to best meet client’s needs. As of today Pellekan relaying on its capabilities has become one of the best specialized consulting service centers in the field of intellectual property and technology in the region.

Mohammad Ali Mirzababaei Founder & President

MohammadAli Mirzababaei is a persuasive individual with strong negotiations skills represents hundreds of huge Iranian companies in intellectual property area within national and international jurisdictions. He holds B.Sc. degree in computer science and M.Sc. in technology management. He has attended in tens of international workshops (mainly held by World Intellectual Property Organization - WIPO) to become well-equipped with best qualifications in his field of expertise.

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Pellekan Team


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